Kellyanne Conway grilled on Fox News about Trump's flip-flop on wearing face masks
Kellyanne Conway

Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday got an unexpected grilling from Fox News host Martha MacCallum over President Donald Trump's sudden embrace of wearing face masks to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

While appearing on the network, Conway heaped praise on the president for recommending everyone in the country wear a mask during the pandemic.

"I think it was incredibly important for the president of the United States to provide information to the public," Conway said, before pivoting to attacking members of the media for "asking questions that had nothing to do with the development of vaccines and therapeutics."

MacCallum, however, noticed that this marked a significant shift compared to previous White House messaging.

"But Kellyanne, I guarantee you there are people at home who will listen to that and say, why didn’t the White House have this message for all of us two months ago?" she asked. "Why now? Why wasn’t this pushed and emphasized and encouraged by the president back then when it might have made even more of a difference?"

"The president did say in April if people want to wear a mask, they should wear a mask," Conway replied, although this was far from a strong recommendation.

Watch the video below.