Law professor explains why Trump's lawyers were ‘just embarrassing’ at latest taxes case hearing
Angry Donald Trump yells at reporters at the White House following Robert Mueller's testimony (screen grab)

President Donald Trump's attorneys humiliated themselves in court today, according to Law Professor Jennifer Taub, of the Western New England University School of Law.

In a Twitter thread during the proceedings, Taub captured the floundering and disorganized lawyers who were trying to come up with arguments to justify not turning over the president's taxes.

The Supreme Court decided last week that the president was not immune from subpoenas and that the lower appeals court would ultimately decide how things would proceed.

When asked why the president is working to block the subpoenas, Trump's lawyers claimed that the president needed more time.

"The president is still reviewing the subpoena and has not decided which arguments he'll raise upon remand," the lawyers said, according to Taub's account.

Trump's lawyer said their opposition would be "the physical burdens and the distractions" instead of "stigma." However, the president' hasn't decided for them yet.

"LOL. He's just stalling. The president should have sent his lawyers in prepared," tweeted Taub.

She noted that the remarks from the Trump lawyer seemed like a rerun of what they tried to claim last time around, when the judge ruled against the president before and the Supreme Court upheld the decision.

"This is embarrassing," Taub said. "This lawyer is unprepared. Shameful."

Another delay tactic the Trump lawyers tried was in "discovery" of the case, meaning time to gather documents and other things needed for the trial. Taub explained that Trump's lawyers want access to things that have been redacted previously.

"Without due respect to my colleagues on the other side," began Carey Dunne from the Manhattan DA's office. "What the president's lawyer is seeking here is a delay. Every day that goes by" the president achieves the de facto "absolute immunity."

She explained that Trump has the power to come up with new claims and allegations but he doesn't get to cross-examine the district attorney.

"He's just like a corporate CEO. He should not get these additional special rights, as per SCOTUS," Taub tweeted as an explanation.

Dunne explained that Trump can bring in whatever is left for one final submission, but "let's not let delay kill this case."

She said that they cannot allow "justice delay become justice denied." She further noted that the president's lawyers have had a year to deal with the case.

Trump's lawyer then went on to misread the Supreme Court decision talking about a "fishing expedition."

The president's lawyers have until July 27 to amend their opposition to the subpoena.