‘Literally insane’: Trump ripped by an epidemiologist for touting medical advice from a game show host

During a segment on MSNBC this Monday, epidemiologist Anne Rimoin said that when comes to the United States' response to the coronavirus pandemic doesn't even match up to the effort of some third-world countries.

"We have fallen far from our seat of being the country that stands as a bastion of science and truth and understanding," Rimoin said. "I mean, the fact of the matter is that Dr. Fauci is a scientist, so he's letting science dictate recommendations, and that is where we should be."

She then pointed to Trump's retweet of former dating gameshow host Chuck Woolery, who falsely claimed that the CDC, the media, and "our doctors" are "lying" about the pandemic.

"We need to be focusing on facts, and science, and staying away from politics," she added. It's literally insane."

Watch the full segment below: