'Men hide behind their wives': DHS chief faces protest at home after agents storm Portland
Protester speaks during demonstration outside Chad Wolf's home (Twitter/screen grab)

Neighbors of acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf came to his home to protest on Sunday after his agency clashed with demonstrators in Portland, Oregon.

According to writer Julia Rosas, the group of neighbors assembled outside Wolf's home because they oppose the use of force against protesters in Portland.

One woman, who described herself as Wolf's neighbor, complained that powerful men and women often face no consequences for misbehavior.

"We know there are no career consequences for these men and women," she explained. "We know there are no financial consequences for these men and women. We know there are no legal consequences for these men and women. We must make social consequences for these men and women. We must make it uncomfortable for them."

"We will not be good Germans!" the neighbor continued. "We will not be the people who watched our neighbors commit these atrocities and said nothing because their kids were home, because they were polite."

She added: "What has been made more clear than ever is that men hide behind their wives, behind their children!"

Wolf and his family were reportedly not at home at the time of the event.

Watch the video below.