Michigan restaurant owner faces furious backlash for ‘disgusting, racist’ rant about face masks and Black Lives Matter

The owner of a well known Michigan restaurant railed against Black Lives Matter and face masks in a Facebook post this Monday, Michigan Live reports.

The owner, Carl Nelson, later tried to claim that the post was meant for his personal page and was mistakenly posted to the business page for his restaurant, Pronto Pups. The post denounced the BLM movement, praised the Michigan Militia, compared the media to Adolf Hitler, along with other bizarre proclamations.

“There was a post meant for the owner’s personal account that was accidentally posted to this page tonight,” read the subsequent post. “We have removed it, as it was not intended to be a Pronto Pup post. This post was in no way representative of Pronto Pup as a business or our staff members. We are not sure how to make this right at the moment but we will try to figure it out. We are truly sorry for any hurt of offense this has caused,” the apology read.

Later, Nelson wrote: "As the deterioration of our nation and freedoms as we have enjoyed over the decades begin to dwindle away,... I snapped. My sincere apologies to anyone that may have seen the post.”

The post's comment thread filled up with people denouncing his earlier post.

"Disgusting, racist TRASH!" one person wrote. "I [haven't] supported your business in a LONG time and definitely never will again. So glad you showed your true ignorant colors for all to see!"

"I am sorry to say I can no longer support your establishment and will share that," wrote another. "I hope that someday you can see all of us as equal, our police, teachers and medical personnel as good people."

In the original post, Nelson claimed that he saw a woman who had been presumed dead since 2013 after she visited his restaurant on the night that her alleged killer was on trial, then he seemingly blamed 9-11 dispatchers for not helping him apprehend her.

The incident prompted other area businesses to distance themselves from Pronto Pups.

“Just as a friendly reminder we want to make sure everyone knows we are in no way affiliated with any other Pronto Pup restaurant or food truck,” wrote a Pronto Pup food truck on its social media page.