Missouri man stocked up on homemade explosives to wage 'war' against Black Lives Matter protesters: police

A man from St. Peters, Missouri was arrested this week after police say he created a cache of homemade explosives that he planned to use in a "war" against Black Lives Matter protesters.

Local news station Fox 2 Now reports that friends of 25-year-old Cameron Swoboda contacted law enforcement officials after they became concerned he was making grenades and mines in order to launch deadly attacks on Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

The man's friends also testified that Swoboda "believed the government was going to impose martial law because of the coronavirus and said he might have to 'go to war' with the military and police."

Law enforcement officials say they found several explosive compounds in Swoboda's cache, as well as six M67-style grenade bodies, a pipe bomb, and a 3D-printed Claymore mine.

Swoboda has been charged with three felony counts of unlawful possession, transport, manufacture, repair, or sale of an illegal weapon.