MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace asks why Bill Barr is trying to 'erase Robert Mueller's investigation' before November
US Attorney General Bill Barr (right) has been frequently accused of being too cozy with President Donald Trump (AFP Photo/NICHOLAS KAMM)

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace returned to television Friday night to address what she called outright corruption in the Trump White House after another example of the president trying to escape the consequences of the law.

Wallace began by calling Attorney General William Barr nothing more than Trump's "bouncer."

"He has been intellectually overestimated from day one. He is not a mastermind of anything," said Wallace. "He is Donald Trump's body man."

She cited "well-sourced spin" coming from the White House Friday evening, because there were people that she said were "enlisted" with trying to talk Trump out of commuting Roger Stone's sentence. She anticipated that Barr and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone may huff and puff about the act, but that they won't quit over it. "And we should remember their names forever. They are all accomplices in the greatest corruption of one of the most sacred powers."

She said she spoke with two sources, who said that "Trump pardons people because he can," where "William Barr goes along with it because he is complicit in the erasure of Robert Mueller's probe."

Wallace went on to say that Americans should be asking why Barr is trying to erase Mueller's investigation before November and why is Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham still trying to come up with to help normalize the Russia scandal.

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