New Lincoln Project ad taunts Trump for having the most disloyal administration ever
President Donald Trump (AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM)

A new ad from the anti-Trump conservatives at the Lincoln Project taunts President Donald Trump for having so many former administration officials who leak embarrassing details about him to the press.

The new ad features a narrator whispering in the president's ear that members of his administration are disloyal to him and talk about him behind his back.

"They tell the media they're smart and you're out of control," the ad says. "That you can't focus. That you're mentally and physically weak. That you hide in your bunker. That you're scared and shaking."

The ad then tells Trump that members of his campaign "expect you to lose" and are using him to get "one last big payday before you go down."

"With so many leaks, you probably think it could be anyone," the ad concludes. "Donald -- it's everyone!"

Watch the video below.