North Carolina politician says Black Lives Matter is racist: ‘What about white lives?’
Image via screengrab.

On Monday, during a virtual city council meeting in Wilmington, North Carolina, city councilman Charlie Rivenbark vehemently opposed the creation of a Black Lives Matter mural, similar to those being painted around the country in solidarity with civil rights marchers — and said that he would prefer an All Lives Matter mural.

“If Black lives are the only ones that matter, you’ve got a problem,” said Rivenbark. “That’s racist. Because you’ve got Hispanics. We have a melting pot of people here in this town. And I can imagine a small white child seeing that like, ‘What about white lives?’”

Black Lives Matter displays have become targets for racist harassment and vandalism, including one couple in California who was arrested after painting over a road mural in black.

Watch below: