'Panic is gripping the Senate races': Trump's crumbling poll numbers threaten GOP control of Congress
Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office at The White House (Fox News/screen grab)

Writing in the Los Angeles Times this Friday, Janet Hook says that President Trump's crumbling support is bad news for the Republican-controlled Senate, and they give Democrats a new opening to win back the presidency as well as Congress.

"Democrats now threaten Republican Senate incumbents in Georgia, Iowa and Montana — states that had seemed reliably red — in addition to Colorado and Arizona, where Democrats have had the advantage for months, and Maine, where GOP Sen. Susan Collins is facing the toughest election in her long career," Hook writes.

In addition to new finance reports showing Democratic Senate challengers out-raising their opponents, Republicans have to contend with a president who keeps alienating voters with his response to the coronavirus health crisis.

“Panic is gripping the Senate races,” said Rob Stutzman, a California Republican political strategist who is a vocal Trump critic. “A lot of candidates are in a really, really tough spot.”

Read Hook's full piece over at The Los Angeles Times.