Renowned comedian Sarah Cooper explains to Nicolle Wallace why Trump is the ‘punchline’ of 2020
comedian Sarah Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

For some, comedian Sarah Cooper is the only good thing about the 2020 election.

Her TikTok and YouTube videos have sent a nation into hysterics about things that President Donald Trump says. She's been compared to Tina Fey, who, in 2008, used vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's own words against her by simply restating them in an interview that they reenacted on "Saturday Night Live."

When things come out of Trump's mouth, it's as if the world has become accustomed to what he says and the bizarre way in which he speaks. Cooper's videos capture the absurdity.

Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday, Cooper explained that the one thing everyone should garner from Trump's presidency is that in a world where he can be elected as president, really, truly, anyone can.

"If there's something you think you can't do, just remember, Donald Trump is the president of the United States and that should just make you realize anything is possible. I have kind of been inspired by his confidence," she said, noting that she has her own "imposter syndrome," but Trump's absurd confidence in the irrational things he says has inspired her in real life.

"I feel like I'm getting just a little bit of that confidence that I wish more women had and I wish I had and, so, I think it's just been fun and exhilarating," Cooper continued. "I'm envious of his ability to BS his way through life and make it to be the most powerful man in the world."

Wallace said that she believes the greatest weapon against Trump is Trump. Cooper agreed, calling the president the "punchline."

"We have been trying hard to heighten his antics but there's no heightening," Cooper said. She agreed with the comparison of Tina Fey, saying that what he's done for her is caused her to check out of politics because it's become so frustrating and angry.

"I'm hoping that people who have checked out, maybe check back in because we have an election coming up," said Cooper. "Many important elections actually. So, I'm hoping that people who see my videos realize, hey we really need to try to get this guy out of office. He's doing a lot of damage. And he would actually do a lot more good if he was out of the White House."

She then teased that something "big" is coming that she'll be announcing soon.

See the interview below: