Ringo the dog goes viral after scolding from Republican senator: #IStandWithRingo trends nationwide
Ringo and Theresa Greenfield (Twitter)

As President Donald Trump's awful poll numbers continue to drag down Republican senators across America, the attacks on Democratic Party challengers are escalating.

One such senator is Iowa Republican Joni Ernst, who is being challenged by Democrat Theresa Greenfield.

"Ringo was trending on Twitter in Iowa today, though it had nothing to do with former Beatles’ drummer Sir Ringo Starr. Instead, the subject of attention was a dog, Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Theresa Greenfield’s dog, who shares a name with the legendary rock star. The dog’s 15 minutes of fame followed a namecheck by Greenfield’s opponent, incumbent Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, during a campaign call on Wednesday," the Carroll Times Herald reported Friday.

In the call, Ernst accused Greenfield of “hiding in her basement taking selfies with her dog Ringo.”

Audio of the call was posted online by the Greenfield campaign.

Ernst received harsh criticism in response, here's some of what people were saying: