Ron DeSantis cuts off reporter asking about John Lewis' death: 'Do you have a question about the topic at hand?'
Ron DeSantis (WFLA/screen grab)

On Saturday, according to the Tampa Bay Times, a reporter tried to ask Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) about the passing of civil rights hero John Lewis — and was promptly rebuffed by the governor.

"We saw last night Congressman John Lewis passed away. He’s a civil rights icon," said the reporter. "You know, this is happening amidst heated conversation in this country about race, monuments, flags." And she tried to ask about a Confederate memorial in St. Augustine’s plaza.

"All right, yeah. I appreciate the question, but we’re trying to focus on the coronavirus," said DeSantis, cutting off her question. "I appreciate it, but I’m going to let someone ask about — do you have a question about the topic at hand?"

Before DeSantis was elected to the Florida governorship in 2018, he served in Congress, alongside Lewis, who represented a district in the state immediately bordering his.

DeSantis has also come under criticism for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as he has declined to impose a new stay-at-home or mask order statewide as the virus resurges in the state.