'Reality is back with a vengeance': CNN panel roasts Trump for thinking he could hold convention during pandemic

A CNN panel on Friday roasted President Donald Trump for thinking he could hold the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida even as COVID-19 has been ripping through the state.

While discussing Trump's decision to cancel the RNC, host John Berman said that the president seems to have finally realized events in the country have spun out of his control.

"This convention move in many ways is a microcosm, emblematic of the larger story here, which is that the virus is calling the shots," Berman said.

Political analyst Ron Brownstein said that Trump's abrupt decision to cancel the convention after spending weeks insisting that it go on did not speak well of him.

"The president looks chaotic and impulsive and not decisive," he said. "He has tried for months to deny the reality. His view has been pretty clear, that projecting normalcy even when it doesn't exist is the key to his re-election. So on every front, from his convention to public schools to sports, he has pressed every institution to reopen without regard to public health."

Host Alisyn Camerota said it was remarkable to see the president making a rare concession to facts on the ground.

"We wondered if reality still counted over the past past couple of years, because it seemed that the president was able to say things that were not fact-based," she said. "But reality is back with a vengeance now."

Watch the video below.