‘This is scathing’: CNN hosts floored by Mary Trump’s description of the president’s lies, failures and ‘daddy issues’

During a segment on CNN this Tuesday, anchors Brian Stelter and Kate Bolduan discussed the new tell-all book written by Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump. According to Stelter, the book is "essentially an anti-Trump campaign book."

"Joe Biden couldn't have written a more effective book against the President of the United States," Stelter said, marveling that the book is "coming from inside the family."

Stelter went on to read excerpts from the book, detailing Trump's "cruelty" which is a means to distract from the "true extent of his failures."

Bolduan commented on the fact that such a "scathing" account of the Trump family's history is coming from his "own family."

"It's sad," Stelter interjected, reading from the book about Trump being the same little boy who was terrified of being seen as "inadequate" by his father.

Watch the video below: