Tom Cotton is being attacked for anti-1619 Project bill with 'he's so racist' jokes
Tom Cotton (CNN)

Sen. Tom Cotton is being triggered by the 1619 Project, which is an ongoing effort by the New York Times to reexamine the U.S. legacy of slavery and its aftermath. In response to the effort, Cotton has filed a bill that would ban the project from being able to be used in schools.

The move comes just says after Cotton attacked Black Lives Matter protesters, saying, "It's no more a violation of the prerogatives of Oregon as a state than trying to defend Fort Sumter was from insurrectionists in 1861." It was a reference to the first battle of the Civil War when the Confederate army tried to defend South Carolina from the United States Army.

"In short, Cotton essentially just equated anti-racism protesters to the racist, traitorous army that catalyzed the Civil War," described BusinessInsider.

So, on the heels of a racist week, Twitter came together for "Tom Cotton is so racist" jokes.

See some of them below: