'Trash': Angry white people threaten to 'burn' statue of Black woman after it replaces slave trader
Statue of Black Lives Matter activist Jen Reid appears in Bristol (AFP)

A statue of a Black Lives Matter activist has come under fire by white people after it replaced a memorial for slave trader Edward Colston.

The new statue of Black Lives Matter protester Jen Reid was placed in Bristol, United Kingdom on Wednesday without the permission of the city council, which has suggested that it will be removed.

Reid was one of the activists who participated in toppling Colston's statue last month.

Black Lives Matter opponents took to Twitter to oppose the new statue. Many of those speaking out against the new monument had profile photos indicating that they are white.

"That black statue in Bristol is an absolute disgrace and it needs to be taken now!" one man wrote.

Another called the new statue "absolutely sickening."

"Who the hell do they think they are?" the commenter complained. "This is the most appalling white erasure. They broke the law in tearing down Edward Colston and broke the law again in putting up this hideous thing. Wake up people, our country is being systematically taken away from us."

"Tear down history and replace it with trash," one woman posted.

One man asserted that minorities "are dictating our history."

Multiple people suggested that white people should "tear down" the statue as payback for the removal of white statues.

Read some of the tweets below.