Trump campaign lawyer trashes American media on Russian propaganda network
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

On Thursday, The Daily Beast reported that Jenna Ellis, a legal adviser for President Donald Trump's re-election campaign, appeared on Russia Today — a Kremlin-funded propaganda outlet intelligence officials warned has a mission to undermine trust in U.S. democracy — and attacked the American media on the Alex Salmond Show.

Even Fox News didn't escape her wrath.

"During her interview, Ellis defended Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and bashed the American media as 'propagandist activist media,'" reported Will Sommer. "'Even on Fox News, the president has been very outspoken on Twitter that there are some anchors there and there are some particular shows that aren’t really fair in terms of their editorializing some of those stories,' Ellis said. At one point, she told Salmond that he, a former First Minister of Scotland, knew 'as a journalist' how proper reporting works and that American media wasn’t doing it."

"Ellis isn’t the first Trump ally to appear on RT," said the report. "Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn appeared several times on the network ahead of Trump’s election, and was paid $34,000 by RT for delivering a speech. Trump himself appeared in an RT America interview in September 2016, which was conducted by Larry King, the longtime CNN host who has found a late-career gig at the network."

The president himself has similarly attacked Fox News in recent months, turning increasingly to OAN, another right-wing news channel with an even more one-sided slant.