Trump can see his failures -- but he still prioritizes his needs over protecting Americans from COVID-19: op-ed
President Donald Trump speaking on the 4th of July (screengrab)

In his column for the Washington Post this Wednesday, Greg Sargent writes that the idea that President Trump's failures are a result of him being in "denial" isn't entirely accurate. Ultimately, Trump knows the consequences of his actions.

Yet he "still continues not just to downplay the severity of the virus’s continuing toll, but also to actively discourage current efforts to mitigate the spread — by failing to set an example through mask-wearing, for instance — and to urge the very sort of rapid reopening that has already contributed to catastrophic outcomes," Sargent writes.

As coronavirus continues to spike around the country, "Trump has shown zero signs of even trying to grapple with the cause and effect behind these new circumstances."

"Instead, he continues to lie about them, falsely claiming we have the lowest mortality rate in the world, falsely claiming that '99 percent' of cases are 'totally harmless,' and absurdly claiming the virus will 'disappear,'" he continues.

This is not Trump being in "denial," as some people say.

"Trump made an active choice to prioritize his own perceived political needs over what experts — including his own — recommended as in the best interests of the country."

Read the full op-ed over at The Washington Post.