Trump claims he'll sign 'big immigration bill' on DACA: 'We put it in -- and we probably then are going to be taking it out'
(Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump told Telemundo that the Supreme Court decision on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) gave him “tremendous powers” to “sign a bill" that would change immigration. Reporter Jose Diaz Balart asked if he meant an executive order, which Trump said, "yes," as there is no bill that has been passed by the House and Senate on immigration.

Trump said that Democrats were the ones who "broke the deal," on DACA, though he didn't explain how.

"You seem laser-focused on deporting DACA," said Balart.

"Yeah," Trump said. "I'm not. I'm not. I'm taking care of DACA."

He claimed that "DACA could have been taken care of two years ago but Democrats broke the deal," but Democrats were not in power two years ago. They didn't take over Congress until January 2019. Republicans were still in control of the House and Senate two years ago.

"Over the next few weeks I'll be signing an immigration bill, a lot of people don't know about it, you have breaking news, but I'm signing an immigration bill."

"Is this an executive order?" Balart asked.

"I'm going to do a big executive order. I have the power to do it as president and I'm going to make DACA a part of it," said Trump. "But we put it in. And we probably then are going to be taking it out. We're working out the legal complexities right now."

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