Trump discounts his public polls — claims he is not the underdog because of boat parades in Florida
Donald Trump (screengrab)

President Donald Trump had a bizarre press conference on Tuesday that deteriorated into a campaign speech.

After 50 minutes of Trump rambling about Joe Biden from the Rose Garden, Trump finally agreed to answer questions.

"I guess the question is, do you see yourself as the underdog in this race?" Trump was asked. "Do you see yourself losing in the fall?"

"No, I don't," Trump replied.

"I think we have very good poll numbers, they're not suppression polls, they're real polls," Trump claimed, discounting all public polling on the race.

Trump then moved on from discounting statistically relevant surveys to talking about anecdotes.

"You look at the, uh, intercoastal in Florida, you look at the lakes, you see thousands of boats with Trump signs and American signs, you've got the Trump/Pence sign all over," he claimed.

"You look at what's going on, you look at bikers, for miles and miles riding up highways proudly with their signs.