Trump goes off on strange rant about dishwashers -- while COVID pummels America
President Donald Trump does an infomercial-style video in the White House Rose Garden (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump held a campaign rally-style event at the White House on Thursday to brag about deregulating everything, including dishwashers.

After declaring that various things are "like nobody's ever seen before," Trump said that before his presidency people had to push the dishwasher button over and over and over again. Now, however, dishwashers have more water in them.

"We made it so dishwashers now have a lot more water, and in many places, in most places of the country, water is not a problem. It's called rain," Trump said.

Most of Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, California and half of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Arizona and the Dakotas are in a drought according to the "U.S. Drought Monitor."

He later revisited his resistance to water conservation by ranting against showerheads.

In the past, the president has revealed that "people" must flush the toilet as much as ten times

Meanwhile, cases of COVID-19 have expanded and deaths are at nearly 140,000.

See the video below: