Trump has handed Democrats a massive gift – and it could undermine his entire party: conservative columnist
(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

According to Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, President Trump is "wildly out of step" with the American public when it comes to vote-by-mail.

"Like demanding children return to schools even in the midst of a coronavirus surge, Trump is at odds with actual voters and their state leaders" on the subject, Rubin writes.

"Pew Research released a poll Monday showing nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of Americans favor early voting or absentee voting for 'any voter without requiring a documented reason, while a third say early and absentee voting should only be allowed with a reason,'" Rubin continues. "Even 44 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners — despite a steady diet of anti-absentee voting messages from their party’s leaders — remain in favor of no-excuse voting early or by absentee, along with 83 percent of Democrats or Democratic-leaners."

In short, all Trump has accomplished is to undermine his own party's chances at developing a coherent vote-by-mail system, according to Rubin. "Democrats must be amazed at their good fortune."

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