Trump is gearing up to create an 'extraordinarily dangerous crisis' that only happens in broken countries: professor
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo)

According to Washington Post columnist Brian Klass, President Trump is "laying the groundwork to do something that no previous president has ever done: falsely claim that an election was fixed against him in order to discredit the vote."

Klaas writes that Trump's ongoing attempts to cast doubts in the integrity of the 2020 election challenges the "flagship event of our republic" -- namely the peaceful transfer of power that should be accepted by all candidates. "With about 100 days to go, we are careening toward an extraordinarily dangerous crisis of American democracy," he writes.

"Such crises never happen in other functioning democracies," Klaas writes. "But they happen all the time in broken countries around the world. In contentious elections from Africa to southeast Asia, incumbents who lose often refuse to accept defeat. Welcome to the club, America!"

While Trump potential win in 2o2o poses a list of threats to America, a potential Trump loss could cause "the period between Nov. 4 and Jan. 20, 2021 to be particularly dangerous as well.

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