Trump is living in a 'COVIDless la-la land' — and can't understand why he isn't being taken seriously: CNN's Cuomo
CNN host Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," Chris Cuomo slammed President Donald Trump for demanding people take him seriously as he ignores his own health experts and tries to override recommendations on school closures.

"Another day gone without the president deciding to lead us with a plan of action to fight the pandemic," said Cuomo. "Instead, we now know what he meant by pressuring states to reopen schools, ready or not, without ever offering them a plan to help. If they don't reopen, he will punish the poorest students. He said he's going to pull federal aid, and the kids that get most of that aid are the neediest. Many of them are white, by the way, and from families that may be Trumpers."

"You may argue, wait a minute, the CDC put together some guidelines to help states figure out how to reopen," said Cuomo. "You're right. But Trump attacked the CDC for putting too much emphasis on safety, calling the suggestions too tough and expensive. Guess what, the CDC buckled. New recommendations are coming next week. Do you think they'll make schools more or less safe? That's a rhetorical question. And I told you the scientists would be silenced last night."

"Today, who don't we see?" added Cuomo. "No Fauci at the task force briefing. I wonder why? Because Fauci is saying we're not on the right side of the pandemic, that we shouldn't be complacent, that we're knee-deep in the crisis. So the president wants you to ignore his own health officials to live in his COVIDless la-la land, and at the same time, he says he should be given more credit because Fauci and the others are seen as so credible. Maybe if you start listening to Fauci, and doing what Fauci says you should do, you'll be seen as credible as Fauci is!"

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