Trump is 'running around like a toddler' and wrecking everything for the GOP: Ex-Jeb Bush strategist
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On CNN Thursday, former Jeb Bush strategist Tim Miller, a Never Trump conservative, warned there may be no way out for Republicans who have stuck by President Donald Trump and tied their political fortunes to him.

"I imagine ... discussions taking place with the pandemic where it is, which is bad, but it's also getting worse," said anchor John Berman. "So what do the consultants do or think about if this situation continues to get worse? How do you run on a situation even worse than this in October or November?"

"Maybe from lack of imagination, but, you know, I'm not sure that that's the case. You know, it's always darkest before completely black, as John McCain would say," said Miller. "I think these guys are stuck with him. You know, at this point they're pregnant, you know, they're past pregnant, you know? Their Trump kid is now running around as a toddler right now."

"They don't have any way out," said Miller. "What am I going to do in September after my candidate said nothing during Charlottesville, they said nothing when he's gassing protesters, said nothing about his mishandling of the pandemic, I'm going to come out? That's going to seem disingenuous. I think the view is these folks are stuck with them, with individual candidates who have their own personal brands, you know, and trust with voters. But, man, those are few and far between these days."

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