Trump 'lives in an alternative universe' on COVID infection rates: Ex-Health Secretary
Kathleen Sebelius (MSNBC)

On CNN Wednesday, former Kansas governor and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius demolished President Donald Trump's claims about the coronavirus pandemic.

"The president delivered his second news conference in two nights, but we still were not presented with a coordinated federal plan to beat the virus," said anchor John Berman. "We're nearly at 4 million new cases, daily briefings for the president are one thing but action is another. So what do you make of what he's saying versus doing?"

"Well, I have a feeling tonight, once again, that the president lives in an alternative universe," said Sebelius. "I'm not sure who is beaming up information to him, but it doesn't match any of the facts that I know ... we just exceeded 1,000 deaths yesterday, it's likely we'll do it again today. That is on the uptick. It's not a very good job."

"The Kaiser Family Foundation documented that cases in hot spot states in nursing homes are once again on the rise at an alarming rate, increasing at about four times the case rate in non-hot spot states, so once again, nursing homes are vulnerable even with the tightest lockdown rules in the world," said Sebelius. "I keep hearing about lots of shortages of PPE in nursing homes, but they are not in good shape. Parents are terrified about sending their kids to school with really no clear guidance, no clear information, and on Mitch McConnell's desk is a package of resources for cities and states that they could use to hire additional cleaning crews, get additional spaces, hire additional personnel to accompany kids so that you could break them into smaller groups. None of that has happened, and once again, the president declares we are doing a very good job."

"I'm with the scientists on this information ... the president is once again giving really dangerously false information to the American public," she added.

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