Trump 'mismanaged' America and now we're being 'stretched to the breaking point': Ex-Republican Rick Wilson
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

"Lincoln Project" co-founder, and former Republican, Rick Wilson, penned a Miami Herald column attacking President Donald Trump for bringing the United States to the brink of a "breaking point" by "mismanagement" of every crisis he has faced.

"Does Trump’s America feel great to you?" he asked, harkening back to Trump's infamous slogan "Make America Great Again."

Wilson called Trump's failures "so broad" that the he has thrown the U.S. "so deep that his skeptics could hardly imagine the devastation." He noted that no one expected Trump to fall on the political sword in a battle to spread conspiracy theories, undermine public health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci or rewrite the medical advice professionals recommended from the Center for Disease Control.

"No one envisioned spending months locked at home, terrified of an unseen and unknown viral enemy, while they lost jobs, savings and retirement investments," he continued. "Where we are in July 2020 isn’t anyone’s idea of America at its greatest."

He noted that Trump's failed leadership has cost Americans jobs, financial stability and their health. Meanwhile, the nation is suffering from a recession, there is a housing crisis that has already begun and is months away from ushering in mass evictions and there are still at least a million people filing for unemployment each week.

"Many members of our nation’s dwindling Greatest Generation have spent the months since March imprisoned in their homes for fear of COVID-19’s fatal consequences," Wilson continued. "Many are spending the twilight of their lives lonely, isolated and afraid. For them, Trump’s plan is a grim calculus no American leader should accept."He considers the very people who saved America from fascism and communism to be expendable. If they have to die for the Dow Jones to go up a few points, it’s all worth it. And it doesn’t stop there."

He said that Americans are abandoning hope for a normal life because Trump failed in his leadership to calm the death rate. Instead, he appears on Fox News and lies that the U.S. is the best in the world with the lowest mortality rate.

"He has withdrawn us from the World Health Organization in the middle of our lifetime’s largest pandemic," Wilson went on. "He cut funding to the pandemic response team. He has withheld aid to his countrymen because he felt underappreciated by certain governors. He has, quite literally, played politics with American lives."

And now there's a political game being played out over the lives of children and families because Trump thinks the best move is to force kids back into school whether it's safe or not.

"It didn’t have to be this way. Nations all over the world successfully flattened the curve and are starting to reopen responsibly," said Wilson. Alas, the American leader doesn't trust science, while other countries are putting experts in charge. Trump appears to be opting to pray away the virus, or clap his hands to make it disappear like a scene out of "Peter Pan."

After losing nearly 140,000 Americans in the past seven months, Trump intends to waste the next four months risking the lives of American children and educators.

"How many more lives must be lost and dreams shattered before we realize that the only way to truly restore America to greatness is by removing this failed president from office?" Wilson closed.

Read the full editorial at the Miami Herald.