Trump mocked for canceling throwing out Yankees’ opening pitch ‘because of my strong focus on the China virus’
Brett Favre and Donald Trump, White House photo.

President Donald Trump this week arranged to throw out next month's opening pitch at Yankee Stadium, just as Dr. Anthony Fauci announced he would be doing so this past week at Major League Baseball's opening day.

But now Trump, who loves nothing more than to be the center of attention, has just canceled – claiming he's too busy because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Not many believed him.

Trump spends a good portion of each day tweeting and watching cable news, and usually has nothing on his public schedule until around noon.

And given the White House saw fit to makes available to far right wing cable media outlet OANN, just 24 hours ago, this photo of the President golfing with Brett Favre, being too busy to go to a Yankees' game doesn't sound plausible, as many noted.

Here's what some are saying: