Trump rants about boaters after reporter confronts him about falling poll numbers
Donald Trump boat parade (screengrab)

President Donald Trump on Monday was asked about his sagging poll numbers as the coronavirus pandemic pummels America.

"Mr. President, your poll numbers suffered in recent months because of your handling on the pandemic," a reporter noted. "What's your plan going forward to prove Americans that you're the right person?"

"I think the polls numbers are very good," Trump replied, seemingly ignoring all public polling on the 2020 presidential campaign.

"The poll numbers we have are very good," Trump claimed, without offering any evidence to dispute the consensus of public polling.

"We're leading in North Carolina, we're leading in Pennsylvania, we're leading in Arizona -- our numbers -- we're leading in Arizona," he argued. "We're leading nicely in Florida. I think our poll numbers are very good."

"I mean, we get a lot of suppression polls, we get a lot of fake polls just like we have fake news, it's a terrible thing," Trump claimed.

Trump then used anecdotes from videos he had viewed online to discount statistically-relevant polling.

"When you look at Florida as an example, you have thousands of boats out on the ocean, out on the intercoastal," Trump argued. "You look at other states, where likewise, you have thousands of boats and they're all waving the Trump sign, the Trump/Pence sign, and they're so proud."

"Thousands and thousands and you've seen it, where you have "Bikers for Trump" with lines that are miles long on highways going along on weekends," the argued.

The president did not explain how a small number of the electorate own a boat or motorcycle.