Trump spent a small fortune on his failed Tulsa rally: analysis

According to campaign finance reports, it appears President Donald Trump's campaign spent a small fortune for his failed Tulsa, Oklahoma rally in June.

The New York Times calculated the totals, which came out to $2.2 million, to garner about 6,200 people to attend his rally and the "overflow" rally which was ultimately canceled. That adds up to about $354.84 per person who attended. It's unknown how many people contracted COVID-19 at the event, but a Tulsa health official said the rally “likely contributed" to a surge in new COVID-19 cases. At least eight members of the Trump advance team, including Secret Service agents, also tested positive after being in Tulsa.

"The new filings show just how much Mr. Trump’s campaign paid to rent the arena itself: $537,705.44 in “'acility rental' payments to the BOK Center," said the Times. "But that fee was just the start. The campaign then paid nearly $1 million in 'event staging' fees between June 16 and the end of the month to eight different companies. The most went to Arcus Group, LLC, which received $673,906 in two payments for “event staging,” one a few days before the rally and another a few days after."

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