Trump still can't provide evidence proving Barack Obama and Joe Biden spied on his 2016 campaign
President Barack Obama (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb) and President-Elect Donald Trump (Michael Vadon/Flickr)

President Donald Trump wouldn't provide evidence that his campaign was spied on in 2016. The FBI Inspector General probe into the claim revealed that Trump's campaign was not spied on.

"We caught President Obama, Vice President Biden spying on my campaign," said Trump. "We caught Comey lying. We caught Brennan and Clapper lying. A lot of things are happening. And a lot of action is going on."

In an interview with Jose Diaz Balart for Telemundo, "when someone spies, you know, that has repercussions. You're not saying the president; the vice president spied on you?"

"President Obama knew," Trump continued. "Uh, Vice President Biden knew. They were spying on my campaign. Everybody knows. You know, when I had mentioned this as a distinct possibility years ago, everybody laughed and smiled and they thought it was funny. Now, there's no doubt about it."

When Trump was mocked, it was after he claimed that he personally, was wiretapped at Trump Tower. The FISA warrant had nothing to do with Trump, his campaign, or Trump Tower. It was a warrant for Carter Page and Paul Manafort.

"What do you base on that -- that they both knew and that [they] were spying on your campaign?" asked Diaz Balart.

"Well, no, it's a very serious thing," Trump said, not answering the question. "You're not allowed to do that. They're spying, using intelligence to spy on the opposing party's campaign? A thing like this has never happened before."

The IG testified before the U.S. Senate in 2019 again that there is no proof of Trump's claim. Trump's appointed FBI director, Christopher Wrey, also agreed that Trump's campaign wasn't exactly "spied on."

When Barr couldn't get special counsel Robert Mueller, FBI director Christopher Wray or anyone at the Justice Department to confirm Trump was "spied on," he ordered another investigation from a Republican U.S. attorney he appointed. It is expected Barr will announce a "summary" of that investigation that likely isn't true, just as he did with Mueller's report.

Trump still hasn't proved evidence that he was being spied on.

See the full interview below -- the spying portion is after the 8-minute mark: