Trump supporters fume at the president's campaign for spamming them with 'sleazy' text messages
A Trump supporter demonstrates in New York City (Shutterstock).

President Donald Trump's re-election campaign is frantically spamming its supporters with text messages -- and many of them are absolutely sick of it.

As flagged by Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch, several pro-Trump figures took to Twitter over the weekend to voice their displeasure with the Trump campaign's texting strategy, which involves sending out panicky missives several times a day letting supporters know that they're "failing" the president by not donating more money.

"You FAILED to use your 5x match," reads one text message. "It EXPIRED... Why did you let us down? LAST CHANCE."

"We texted you TWICE," reads another. "Why did you let your 500% Trump House Patriot match expire AGAIN? We'll give you 1 more chance."

Many Trump supporters reacted angrily for being constantly shamed about their lack of financial support for the president.

"I badly want the President to win!" wrote Trump supporter Jon Schweppe. "I’m just worried this is putting ordinary people off. Ease up on the hostage demands."

"These emails are so sleazy," replied "Bitcoin millionaire" Erik Finman. "It’s really sad picturing grandmas and such getting these and believing it."

"WTF is wrong with you?" asked pro-Trump columnist Kurt Schlichter. "Stop this. Do it now."

"I'm constantly getting texts like this from yesterday," wrote one of Schlichter's followers in response. "I received 4 of the same text, all within 10 mins of each other. I texted 'STOP' & got a text stating I'm now unsubscribed, only to have a different number send me more of the same the next day."

Another one of Schlichter's followers said that the constant barrage of texts "makes me sorry I ever donated to anyone's campaign," while another wondered, "Is the NRCC deliberately trying to sabotage the election?"