Trump threatened to disown Don Jr if he joined the military: report
YouTube screenshot of Donald Trump Jr.

On MSNBC Tuesday, Rachel Maddow reported that Mary Trump's upcoming tell-all book claims that President Donald Trump threatened to disown his eldest son if he joined the military.

"Our Uncle Rob, Robert Trump, the president's younger brother, told us, quote, 'any of them could be disowned at any time,'" said Maddow. "'Donny' — meaning Donald Trump Jr. — 'was going to join the Army or some bullsh*t like that, and Donald and Ivana told him if he did, they'd disown him in a second.'"

"The president threatening to disown his son if he joined the military," added Maddow. "Casts a shadow, looms a little bit over what we understand about his bizarre relationship with the military and his perception of their — their role in his administration."

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