Trump whines about Fox News -- and says 'the radical left has scared them' into giving him negative coverage
President Donald Turmp (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump on Monday continued airing his grievances against Fox News, which he accused of caving to pressure from "the radical left" by not covering him as favorably as it once had.

"So hard to watch Fox News anymore," the president wrote on Twitter. "They are working so hard against the people (viewers) that got them there. Their contributors are a disaster, and all over the place. The Radical Left has scared Fox into submission, just like they have so many others. Sad, but we will WIN!"

It is unclear at this time what Fox News segment angered the president into publicly attacking the network.

The president has had a busy morning on Twitter, as he has promoted a tweet from former "Love Connection" host Chuck Woolery that accuses medical professionals of lying about the coronavirus to damage his re-election campaign.

Trump also promoted an interview with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), in which the Florida congressman claimed that attempts to remove Confederate monuments are part of a "cultural genocide" being waged against the United States.