Trump’s allies privately admit he is in serious trouble for refusing to take COVID-19 seriously: op-ed
President Donald Trump on Fox News (screengrab)

Writing in the Washington Post this Tuesday, Greg Sargent says that in private, Republicans are growingly skeptical of President Trump's contention that the U.S. economy will roar back to recovery once lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic are lifted.

Now that Trump allies and top Republicans are starting to realize that masks play a huge role in containing the virus, White House officials are discussing taking a more proactive stance on masks.

"This is not just an admission that Trump’s depraved refusal to take the coronavirus seriously continues undermining his reelection hopes," Sargent writes. "It’s also an admission that the story Trump has been telling about our current moment has it entirely backward."

"In short, Trump’s allies are admitting what numerous experts have said for months: That in order to seriously get back on track to economic recovery, we have to tame the virus first. And they’re admitting that this is a key reason he’s in trouble," Sargent continues.

Trump's propagandists have worked hard to keep the "mythology" of a magical economic recovery alive, Sargent writes. Yet it’s "plainly obvious" that Trump’s refusal to accept the fact that we can’t roar back economically until the virus is tamed is "also a big reason his reelection is in trouble," according to Sargent.

Read his full op-ed over at The Washington Post.