Trump’s Independence Day message: American 'heroes’ will defeat ‘the radical left’ -- like the Nazis and fascists
President Donald Trump speaking on the 4th of July (screengrab)

President Donald Trump escalated his rhetoric against political adversaries during a White House address on Independence Day.

One day after a speech at Mount Rushmore that was blasted as "perhaps the most un-American speech ever delivered by an American president," Trump seemed to group his domestic critics with enemies that America has fought wars against.

"American heros defeated the nazis, dethroned the fascists, toppled the communists, saved American values, upheld American principles and chased down the terrorists to the very ends of the earth," Trump said. "We are now in the process of defeating the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they are doing."