Trump’s meeting with pharmaceutical execs collapses after companies refuse to send anyone
Photo: By Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

In a metaphor for the Trump presidency, another event has been canceled after the White House couldn't get anyone to show up.

Politico reported Monday, that a July 28th event with pharmaceutical executives at the White House to discuss Trump's attempts to lower the cost of drug prices was canceled. The move comes after Trump released a group of executive orders on the issue on Friday last week. So, drugmakers refused to participate.

"The provision, known as a most-favored-nations rule, has been lambasted by the drug industry and some patient groups that say it would curb innovation and reduce drug access," said Politico. "Trump said Friday that drugmakers would have a month to present a better option to the rule."

Drug lobbies PhRMA and BIO were uneasy about sending their people after there was confusion about the plan the White House would outline.

"Several pharmaceutical companies believed that the most-favored nations rule had been dropped ahead of the Friday afternoon announcement," said Politico, noting that the "chaotic" back-and-forth left even Trump's own health officials shocked.

"BIO, the lobby representing many small biotechnology companies developing therapies, has said that the most-favored-nations rule would hit its members the hardest," said the report. "Many make the type of physician-administered medicines, such as expensive cancer and arthritis infusions, that would be affected."

A White House official complained on background that they have "been more than accommodating."

Regardless, the move seemed harkened back to the Tulsa Trump rally, where the campaign failed to fill an arena in a solid-red state and they were forced to cancel another rally in New Hampshire, saying the weather made them reschedule it for the end of July. It hasn't been rescheduled yet, but the campaign is looking to "virtual rallies" as an option.

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