Trump's Mt Rushmore speech trashed on CNN for being nonsense straight out of the 'Hannity universe'
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On CNN Saturday, reporter Brian Stelter tore into President Donald Trump's Mount Rushmore speech.

"The president had a chance to deliver one of these unifying messages, especially ahead of Independence Day, but instead he chose to go on the attack," said anchor Christi Paul. "Do you think that was the right strategy and why?"

"It sounded like a Stephen Miller speech," said Stelter. "And that is something that appeals to the parts of the president's base that he really focuses on. This is wartime conservativism [sic], this belief that conservatives are at war trying to protect the country from change."

"That message, I know it resonates well with the base," added Stelter. "You have to be plugged into the narrative the right wing is selling on radio, TV, and online, which is about statues, which is about monuments. When the president said something like he said last night — schools are teaching students to hate their own country — that makes no sense unless you are plugged into the Hannity universe and that makes sense."

Watch below: