Trump's Nevada field operative warned the Republican Party things weren't going as well as campaign claimed
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

Things aren't going well in Nevada, said a field operative in a memo to the national Republican Party.

The Nevada Independent reported Sunday that a regional field director in the Trump campaign wrote a letter to Ronna Romney McDaniel revealing the situation on the ground.

"In 2016, Donald Trump lost Nevada by a narrow margin," Joshua Skaggs wrote. "In the 2018 midterm elections, Republicans lost ground on the democrats (sic). Based on my observations so far in the 2020 election cycle, I am concerned that President Trump and other Republicans on the ballot will not prevail in Nevada in November."

He sent the letter on March 31; it was long before the coronavirus crisis led to nearly 130,000 dead Americans. He details the numbers being not quite as rosy as the top echelon of the Nevada campaign.

"We both want to see President Trump reelected in 2020 so I urge your timely attention to this matter," Skaggs also wrote.

Reporter, editor and founder Jon Ralston said that it was clear Skaggs was trying to "sound a warning bell," to the party before things got worse. Instead, of course, they got worse.

"What Skaggs, who is obviously a true believer in the effort to re-elect the president, was trying to alert McDaniel to is the insularity and incompetence at the highest levels of Team Trump here. And he was trying to get it fixed before it was too late," said Ralston.

Nevada, which has seen a dramatic population shift toward greater diversity, has been a blue state since 2008 when President Barack Obama won it for the first time.

"The Republican Party here, once led by smart operatives and true statesmen, has devolved into an organization led by crass fringe types and advised by second- or third-tier consultants," said Ralston. "This as the state Democratic Party has been as disciplined and well-oiled as any in the country, leading to two successive cycles of utter domination that not only reversed 2014 losses but left the GOP with only one member of the congressional delegation, one statewide official (Secretary of State ) and near superminorities (sic) in both houses of the Legislature."

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