Trump's New Hampshire rally is an act of 'biological warfare': Portsmouth police commissioner
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, photo by Gage Skidmore.

President Donald Trump's planned rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire has been postponed -- and one public official in the city says that holding it would have been an act of "biological warfare."

Appearing on CNN with host Kate Bolduan, Portsmouth Police Commissioner Stefany Shaheen outlined her concerns about having a large crowd of rowdy Trump supporters gathered into a tight space this weekend.

"I definitely took notice when you called the rally that is set for tomorrow as 'biological warfare,'" Bolduan said. "What is your biggest concern with the president holding a rally in your city tomorrow?"

"The fact of the matter is, New Hampshire is one of only three states in the country right now that's seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases," replied Shaheen, who is the daughter of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). "We've worked very hard over the last five months doing everything we can, staying at home, wearing masks, washing hands and now to have a super spreader event like this rally."

She pointed to the surge in cases in Tulsa, Oklahoma following the president's rally last month as reason to worry. She then called out the president for putting his own supporters at risk even though he is surrounded by medical professionals who test everyone around him every day.

"The president lives in a biological bunker," she said. "He gets tested all of the time and yet the people attending this rally are not. They're not getting daily testing. They don't know if the person next to them without a mask has COVID-19. It is unacceptable and it's dangerous."

Watch the video below.