Trump's sister thought he was too stupid to get elected: Mary Trump tell-all
Maryanne Trump Barry and Donald Trump (Photo: Screen captures)

President Donald Trump's sister, former Judge Maryanne Trump Barry thought that her brother wasn't good enough or smart enough to be elected in 2016.

According to Mary Trump's new tell-all book, Judge Trump told her niece during a 2015 lunch, “He’s a clown — this will never happen," Law & Crime quoted the book.

Mary Trump recalled that she and her aunt frequently dined together, and the judge frequently spoke of her brother in unflattering ways. Other than being a "clown," the judge said that he couldn't be elected to the presidency because he has “no principles" on which he would be elected.

“The only time Donald went to church was when the cameras were there,” Barry is quoted saying in the book. “It’s mind-boggling. But that’s all about his base. He has no principles. None!”

Barry, a devout Catholic, also unleashed on the evangelical community for supporting Trump, who has never been a person of faith, much less read the Bible.

“What the f*ck is wrong with them?” she exclaimed, according to the book.

Mary Trump's exposé on her family will be available on July 14.