Trump's White House feels more 'out-of-control' than any time since his first two months: NYT reporter
President Donald Trump speaking on the 4th of July (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's poll numbers keep sinking, and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman believes that it is making the Trump White House even more chaotic than usual.

Reacting to a new report about White House chief of staff Mark Meadows trying desperately to stop damaging leaks from fellow Trump officials, Haberman says that many people in the White House believe things haven't been this bad since Trump's infamously turbulent early months in office.

"The current mood at the White House feels like the first two out-of-control months of the Trump administration," she writes.

Trump created even more chaos for his own administration on Monday when he promoted a tweet from former "Love Connection" host Chuck Woolery that accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of deliberately lying about the COVID-19 pandemic to harm the president's re-election chances.