UNFIT: Trump's mental fitness examined by health professionals in new doc to be released before election
Image of the president from the film "Unfit" (screengrab)

A new documentary film examining President Donald Trump's mental stability is set to be released prior to ballots being mailed out for the 2020 presidential elections.

Although Trump himself has claimed he is "a very stable genius," mental health professionals have warned otherwise.

The new film, set to be released on September 1st, is titled "UNFIT: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DONALD TRUMP."

"Is Donald Trump fit to hold the office of President of the United States?" the filmmakers asked in a press release. "#UNFIT presents an eye-opening analysis of the behavior, psyche, condition and stability of Donald Trump. It takes a sociological look at the electorate that chose him, and the collective effect he is having on our culture and institutions. During the 2016 campaign, mental health professionals felt policy-bound from speaking publicly. Now, after years of observation, for the first time ever, they have decided enough is enough."

Watch the trailer: