WATCH: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis supports people exercising at the gym as COVID-19 defense
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (screengrab)

Florida's Republican governor praised excercise as a coronavirus defense while explaining why he would not close the state's gyms despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

"In terms of the gyms, we've not had a lot of problems with that and so, that's not something that I'm going to close. Partially because if you look -- you talk to any physician -- particularly the people that are under 50, if you're in good shape, you know, you have a very, very low likelihood of ending up in significant condition as a result of the coronavirus," Ron DeSantis argued.

"I mean, the people that they're seeing in there have overwhelmingly uncontrolled comorbidities, a lot of folks have hypertension, diabetes, are very morbidly obese," he argued. "And so, I think, taking that option away for people to be healthy just doesn't make sense."