WATCH: Florida man illegally detains Black teen headed to basketball practice

A Florida man was charged with false imprisonment after he illegally detained a Black teenager who was on his way to basketball practice, News Channel 8 reports.

Luis Santos, 54, was arrested on Saturday over the incident that occurred on June 9.

“The evidence shows the victim had not committed any crime and Santos made misleading statements to law enforcement about what he had witnessed,” Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren wrote in a statement. “The young man felt threatened and was not free to leave, while Santos acted as though he had the legal authority of a law enforcement officer, including compelling the victim to put his hands in the air until sheriff’s deputies arrived.”

Video of the incident shows Santos pull up to the unidentified teen and ask him where he lives. When the teen told Santos his address, Santos got out the car and told him, "You're not going anywhere," and that he's being "detained."

Santos later called 9-11 and said, “I have somebody breaking into cars. We have it on video.”

The teen was never charged with any sort of crime. Santos also claimed to the 9-11 operator that he was an off-duty officer.

Watch video of the incident below, via News Channel 8: