WATCH: Hispanic man harassed by white couple for bringing his 'ghetto' fruit stand to their community

A white couple from the community of Canyon Country, California were caught on camera this week harassing a Hispanic man for trying to sell fruit in their area.

Local news station KHTS reports that the couple, who have been identified as Bergie’s Bar And Grill owners Renee McAlonis and Mike Foster, can be seen on the video making disparaging remarks about the Hispanic man and demanding he leave.

"Get it the f*ck out of here," Foster says to the man. "It looks like sh*t!"

"Why you gotta come out here and make life so hard?" the man asks.

"We're not the f*cking ghetto!" Foster replied. "It needs to go!"

In an interview with KHTS, the fruit vendor also accused McAlonis of making more explicitly racist remarks than what was captured on video.

“The lady said we couldn’t sell because we didn’t pay taxes and because we were from Mexico,” he said.

Neither Foster nor McAlonis returned KHTS's requests for comment, although the news station did note that "the Bergie’s Yelp page has been flooded with negative reviews, prompting the site to have a warning for 'unusual activity'" after video of the couple went viral.

Watch the video below.