WATCH: New Jersey cops accused of 'beating' Latino child for not wearing a bicycle helmet
Latino boy is pinned to the pavement by Ridgewood police officers (Twitter/screen grab)

A civil rights group is calling for an investigation after police officers in Ridgewood, New Jersey were seen using force against a Latino boy who was not wearing a bicycle helmet.

Video of the incident began circulated on social media on Sunday.

"So @Rpdnj 'protect & serve' our youth by ensuring they ride bicycles with a helmet by beating them down & arresting them?" attorney Karol Ruiz wrote on Twitter. "This is a minor. He is Latino."

Video shared by Ruiz shows one officer grabbing the boy's bicycle while another officer accosts him from behind. Within seconds, the boy is slammed to the ground and held there by the two grown officers.

As the boy is pinned to the pavement, he can be heard yelling for them to get off of his stomach. A third officer later joins the group.

The civil rights group Ridgewood for Black Liberation accused the officers of "excessive and unacceptable use of force against a latinx minor."

According to, the Ridgewood Police Department declined to comment about the incident.