WATCH: Raging white woman charged with child abuse after attacking Black teen jogger

A woman was recently caught on video attacking a Black teenager with her bag on the San Francisco peninsula. The victim says the incident started as he was stretching for his daily jog.

"There's this lady coming behind me, she's getting like really loud and yelling belligerent things at me, telling me to get out of the way,” 17-year-old Steve Johnson Jr. told NBC Bay Area.

The teen started filming the incident after another woman said he should capture the incident on video.

In the video, the woman can be seen hitting Johnson with her bag as she yells "get your f*cking camera off of me."

The police later cited the woman for misdemeanor child abuse.

Johnson told NBC Bay Area he easily could have defended himself, but decided not to.

"As a trained boxer, and ranked no. 6 in the United States, I feel like, if I would have reacted the way a lot of people would have assumed I would have reacted by punching that lady, I would be the one on the news, for hurting an old lady, an old Caucasian lady," he said.

Watch the video below: