WATCH: Texas 'blue lives matter' rally ends with Democratic campaign manager being assaulted
Photo: East Texas rancher Hank Gilbert/Twitter

A so-called "blue lives matter" rally in Tyler, Texas ended in violence Sunday when the protesters attacked counter-protesters calling for police accountability. At the same time, another rally in support of ending the occupation in American cities was also having an event.

According to Democratic Congressional candidate Hank Gilbert, the rally prevented him from speaking, even though it was supposed to be a non-partisan event. At one point, Gilbert said that a supporter of Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) assaulted his campaign manager while the police ignored it. Gilbert is challenging Gohmert.

Trump supporters appeared to try and kill another Gilbert supporter by choking him.

One of the men involved had white supremacist tattoos, he explained.

GOP supporters also said that they should have just shot Gilbert.

A Democratic Committeewoman was punched in the chest.

As the protests devolved into chaos, a camera crew from local KETK camera crew captured the brawl.

Gilbert is calling for an investigation as to why police didn't get involved until it was too late.

See the videos below: